Instant Khaman Dhokala


Pineapple murabba - sweet pineapple side dish

Fruit sticks - Simple starter with great appeal

Getting creative with everyday food!!

Khandavi - Surali vadi

Diwali Faral - Cornflakes Chiwada

Diwali Faral - Shankarpale

Whole Moong Dosa (Chilla) - A healthy and filling breakfast

Navratri Special- 5 minutes laddo!!

Gobi paratha - Stuffed Cauliflower paratha

Masale Bhaat - Tondali Bhaat

Sprouts and Khakhara chat

Janmashtami Special - Prasad panjiri

Green tomato (raw tomato) curry

Beetroot poori..Pink Poori Perfect snack for kids!

Break from cooking!!!

I would like to hear from you!!

Crispy pepper babycorn starter

Mattha (Spicy buttermilk)

Tomato-cheese thepala

Tomato-capsicum salad (koshimbir)

Spinach(Palak) rice