So far I been writing about what I cook, what I love to cook and what I or my family like to eat..But today this post is for a very special cause..
        I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.

    I am very happy to be associated with Blogadda and Akshay Patra through this post which talks about eliminating classroom hunger through "Blog to Feed a Child"

      The best part of this campaign is  for every blog post BlogAdda will sponsor meals for an Akshaya Patra beneficiary for entire year.       
     So I hope to eliminate classroom hunger for atleast one child through this post!

      I spent most of childhood in a small town and I have seen many children around me and in fact some of my friends who used to miss classes or stop coming to  school as they would help their parents in earning for their daily meals and support their family. Some would go selling vegetables, some would go working in farms and some would go working as domestic helps..Though at my age then I did not understand the meaning of child labor or anything of that sort, I would feel bad when my friends not turn to class :-(
As I grew and started to understand the real reasoning behind this I always had this at back of my mind that how will be possible ever to make that every child around us to get access to a wholesome meal and not be forced to compromise the education for a meal!

     When I learned about Akshaya Patra I was amazed at their reach..Last time when I visited Iskon temple in Bangalore, I briefly saw the Akshaya Patra kitchen from a distance and kept observing their vehicles getting loaded with the meal ready to be distributed to various schools..And today I am so happy to associate myself with a noble cause through my blog!!
I know this is just a drop in ocean and there are many more children out there who still do not have access to it..but after all the drops eventually form the ocean!!
       I wish one day every child will have access to whole some meal like this