Pineapple murabba - sweet pineapple side dish

I won't have come across this tasty murabba otherwise as like many household for us too murabba is traditionally prepared with raw mangoes only. But I had a big box full of pineapple pieces leftover with me after the last fruits sticks recipe.
So I decided to try out this..As I mentioned this is not the traditional recipe that is usually make at my home, I had to take help from internet..I found many variants and so decided to try my own :-) 
The murabba turned out to be too good in the end and so I thought of sharing it with you all

1. 1 big size pineapple, cleaned and cut into small pieces
2. Sugar in equal potion to pineapple pieces (If one bowl pineapple pieces are there, measure equal amount of sugar with same bowl)
3. Few cinnamon sticks 
(Or optionally you can add cardamom powder..But I feel cinnamon flavor goes well with pineapples and apples)

1. Mix pineapple pieces and sugar and keep aside for 1 hr
2. Now transfer the mix in a pan and keep it for cooking on medium flame
3. Keep steering continuously. Pineapple pieces will start appearing translucent as they get cooked. Add the cinnamon sticks at this stage
4. Keep  steering  and keep checking the sugar consistency. It should become sticky but not hard (when you check a drop of sugar syrup by taking in thumb and index finger, it should form singe string - usually referred as "ektari paak")
5. Turn of the heat and let the murabba cool to room temperature
6. Transfer the murabba in sterilized glass jar. 
(I store t in fridge for precaution, but can be stored outside for limited time)

Enjoy your pineapple murabba with hot parathas or simple pop in one piece just to satisfy you sweet tooth after a meal