Beetroot poori..Pink Poori Perfect snack for kids!

Here is a colorful snack for kids and also suitable for lunch or snack box.
Ingredients are minimal and can be made very fast..

1. 1 medium size beet root, boiled and made into fine paste
2. 1 1/2 cup wheat flour
3. 1 tbsp red chili powder
4. Salt to taste
5. Carom seeds or sesame seeds (optional)
6. Oil for deep frying

1. In a bowl take beet root paste and to it add red chili powder, salt and Carom seeds or sesame seeds
2. Now add wheat flour slowly. Add only as much wheat flour in beet root paste so as to make dough like paratha dough without adding any water
3. Knead well, apply little oil and keep aside for 5 mins
4. Now divide the dough in equal size portions and roll into small poories
5. Deep fry in oil and drain on paper

Your pink poories are ready!! Serve hot or cold or pack in tiffin..

Kitchen Gyan: Make assorted poori basket for kids party with pink poories (beet root), green poories (pakal), yellow poories (spice mix) and white poories (regular)!!