Navratri Special- 5 minutes laddo!!

Season of festival and season of fasting is here!! Now you need to keep that energy levels high for the Dandiya night, but then you are fasting as well....Don't worry, here is a quick laddo recipe which is extremely easy, healthy  and quick to make at the same time!!

1 cup seedless dates (khajur)
1/2 cup cashews
1/2 cup almonds
1 tbsp ghee

Yeah You read it right..only these few ingredients!!

1. Grind cashews and almonds together. Don't make fine powder, but just roughly grind on pulse and keep aside
2. Grind seedless dates separately. Here also use pulse mode only as if you grind too much it will become very sticky
3. Mix the dates paste and cashew and almond powder together and kneed well
4. Add ghee and roll laddos of desired size. Ghee will give nice shining to the loddos when rolling

Pop one as evening snack or to satisfy you sweet tooth after eating the fasting thali!!