Diwali Faral - Cornflakes Chiwada

Making Chiwada cannot get easier and quicker than this one..and it came very handy when I was struggling to find time out to prepare my Diwali snacks!! 

Cornflakes 2 cups (not the cereal ones, but the raw cornflakes)
Oil for deep frying
Handful Groundnut (peanuts) and Daaliya (Roasted gram daal)
Few curry leaves

For Chiwada Masala

2 tbsp red chilli powder
1 tbsp turmeric powder
3-4 tbsp of sugar (This Chiwada tasts best on sweeter side so I used more sugar, you can adjust as per taste)
Salt to taste
few crystals of citric acid (limbu phool)

Grind all ingredients to fine powder and keep aside

1. Heat oil in deep kadhai and fry corn flakes in small batches. It pop very soon and turn brown, so make sure the oil is just hot to fry and not burn. Also you have to be very quick taking the corn flakes out of oil.
2. Drain oil and spread the fried corn flakes on tissue paper. Repeat for all corn flakes
3. In same oil, fry Groundnut and Daaliya, drain oil and mix them with the fried corn flakes
4. Fry curry leaves till all moisture is removed and they become crispy and add it to corn flakes
5. When the corn flakes mix is still hot, sprinkle masala prepared above and mix gently so that the masala spreads all over

You quick and easy chiwada is ready to go in Diwali faral plates!!

Kitchen Gyan: You can also add roasted nuts like cashews, almonds, strips of dry coconut and also resins to make it more tastier!!