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I am a full time working professional and a mother to a demanding toddler. 
Cooking is my absolute stress buster! 
People often ask me do I cook like daily, two times in-spite of my busy schedule..and answer is yeah sure I do!! Rather more than that also sometimes!! 

I believe your are what you eat! And so I strive hard to give my family the food cooked with love and passion! And through my kitchenkatta.com I try to do my share to spread the love and passion to whoever stops by here..

On my site you may find recipes that are most practical in terms of ingredients and appliances used, this is because these are the recipes made routinely for my family.
You will find these recipes don't usually demand for fancy ingredients or a specific appliance or cooking method that is not easily available in typical Indian setup.

Along with this I also trust the inclusion of traditional Indian spices even in fusion cooking due to its long proven micronutrition capabilities. And finally use as much local and fresh ingredients is the mantra of all my recipes!

Hope you will like to read and try recipes from my kitchenkatta!! 

I love to interact with people and share stories..So if you would like to get in touch with me you can write me at kitchenkatta dot gmail dot com (kitchenkatta@gmail.com) and I will get back to you!

Other than office and cooking I also enjoy host of other things and through my new blog I will be sharing some of those including Travel, Home Decor, Art and Craft for kids and many DIY through my recent blog http://onadaylikethat.blogspot.in
Do check out and you may find some of our common interests!! 

Happy Reading, Happy Cooking!!