Fruit sticks - Simple starter with great appeal

Little A's birthday was a big affair for me on last weekend ..and as I try hard to attract him towards fruit these yummy looking fruit sticks was my one of choice for his birthday starters :)
This is a easy to make preparation and looks yum in any way you present it..
I presented in a carved watermelon which was also filled with cut fruit pieces..

So here you need minimal things to prepare the fruit sticks.
I used watermelon, apple, banana, pineapple and grapes. Well the trick is to use sweet and citrus/sour fruits alternatively so that while eating the fruit sticks not taste too sweet or too sour..I sequenced watermelon, then banana, next apple, pineapple and last grapes..
Also for sticks I used bamboo skewers which are easily available in shops that sell party supplies

Try out this simple assembly even if you are not hosting a party or as starters in your next party be it for kids or grown ups and drop by to share the compliments you get!!

Till I come back with a new recipe happy cooking!!