Mattha (Spicy buttermilk)

This is another recipe which has a childhood memories..In any marriage lunch Matta used to be present always as the place in Northern Maharashtra where I sepnt my childhood, most marriages would be in summer months and temperatures would sour to 45-48 degrees
So this flavored butter milk used to be must in all lunches to satisfy the thrust!

- 2 glass Butter milk (not so sour and also not too thick)
- salt to taste
- sugar 1 tbsp
- 2  spoon full finely chopped fresh coriander, few pieces of cut green chili (optional)
- 1/2 cup khari boondi

- Whisk butter milk, salt and sugar together
- add coriander, green chili and mix well again
- add khari boondi and mix well

Kitchen Gyan: Serve chilled..Optionally you can add seasoning(tadka) of cumin seeds and ghee..
Photo this time hasn't come well :-( I will post a better one when I make it next!