Diwali Faral - Shankarpale

Finally I started with my Diwali preparations after a hectic week at work and home..The very first faral item I bring for you is Shankarpale..a crunchy sweet and salty snack!!
Try out a sure recipe which will never go wrong

1 cup milk and 1 cup water (I used normal tea cup for this measurement)
1/3 cup sugar (can take more or less as per taste)
2 - 2 1/2 cup maida
1 small spoon salt
Oil for deep frying 

1. Add 1 cup milk to 1 cup water and lukewarm it (make sure its just warm and not boiling)
2. Add sugar to milk and water mix and dissolve it
3. In a vessel mix salt and maida. Heat 3 tbsp oil in small pan and when it is very hot, add it to maida and mix well with help of your finger tips
4. Now slowly start adding the lukewarm milk, water and sugar mix to maida, kneading stiff dough. (Add only as much liquid to make stiff dough)

5. Cover and keep the dough aside for around 30 mins
6. After dough is set, divide it into 4 equal portions and start rolling it with help of rolling pin. Once a full circle, apply little oil and fold in half circle, again apply oil and fold into a quarter. (Similar to triangle paratha)
7. Continue to roll the folded dough portion into circle again (no need to make perfect circle, make circle as much possible)
8. Now cut the shankarpale in square or diamond shapes. 

I have cutter like below, but you can cut using a knife also

9. Heat oil in pan, as add a batch of shankarpale and fry on very low flame till golden brown. make sure to fry on very low flame  to make crisp shankarpale otherwise it will turn soft.

Frying takes real long time but the end result is yumm!