Sunday, 9 December 2018

Raw Papaya Subji

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When it comes to adding variety to your meals and also making them healthy, I always turn back at our Indian traditional recipes. One such is this Raw papaya subji, that makes it eating raw papaya so easy. Raw papaya also helps in digestion along with providing vitamin A, C and many other micronutrients. 
I personally don't prefer counting nutrients and vitamins of any vegetables and fruits, as nature is the best nutritionist and balances it all for us. I believe as long we consume it in moderate quantity all fruits and vegetables will always provide benefits. So let's get going with our recipe.

1. 1 small raw papaya 
2. 2 medium onion
3. 2-3 green chillies chopped 
4. 3 tbsp grated fresh coconut 
5. 6-7 curry leaves
6. 1/2 tbsp turmeric powder 
7. pinch of sugar
8. 1 tbsp lemon juice 
9. Salt to taste 
10. 1/2 tbsp rai
11. 3 tbsp oil 

1. Wash & peel papaya. Grate it with medium side of grater. Also peel and grate onion.
2. Apply salt and turmeric powder to grated papaya and onion mix and keep aside for 10 mins
3. Heat oil in a pan and add rai. As it crackles add curry leaves and chopped green chilli
4. Add grated papaya and onion mix to the pan. Mix well, cover and cook for about 5-7 mins. Keep stirring occasionally.
5. As the papaya cooks it will turn translucent. Add salt, sugar and lemon juice and mix well. Cover and cook another 3-4 mins
6. Off the flame and add grated fresh coconut. Cover and keep for 2-3 mins

Raw papaya subji is ready to serve. Have it with hot pulka or chapatis.

Saturday, 10 November 2018

Spicy Bajara Bhakari

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Bajara or Bajari (pearl millet) is commonly consumed millet in many parts of India. It was one of staples during my childhood and mainly prepared as Bhakari in Maharashtrian and Gujrathi cuisine. Traditionally bajara is eaten during winter. Incidentally I got bajara flour in Bangalore and instead of making the usual bhakari, I decided to make this spicy bajara bhakari so that even my toddler can eat it without a fuss. And I was right, in name of paratha he enjoyed eating this tasty bajara bakari with a dollop of Ghee on it.

1. 1 cup bajara flour
2. 1/2 cup whole wheat flour (It will ease rolling bhakari)
3. 1 tbsp chilli ginger paste
4. 1 medium sized onion
5. 2 tbsp chopped fresh coriander
6. 1/2 tbsp sesame seeds
7. 1/2 tbsp red chilli powder
8. 1/4 tbsp turmeric powder
9. Salt to taste
10. Ghee for roasting roti
11. Water as needed
12. 1 tbsp oil for rolling and a plastic sheet

1. Grate the onion in a bowl using medium side of grater
2. Add fresh coriander to it and gently crush it with hands
3. Add bajara flour, wheat flour, chilli ginger paste, salt, turmeric powder, red chilli powder and sesame seed in the same bowl
4. Mix well with your hands. The mix will become moist due to moisture of onion and coriander. Now using little water at a time make into stiff dough
5. Cover and keep aside for 5 minute. Now divide the dough into small balls. Apply oil to plastic sheet, place the dough ball onto it, cover with another half of the sheet and roll into small bhakari. I prefer making mini bhakari so it is easy to handle.
6. Heat tava and roaste the bhakari till golden brown on both sides. Apply ghee while roasting
Repeat for all bhakari

Serve hot with ghee or butter and fresh curd! Enjoy your winter mornings breakfast with this healthy hot spicy bajara bhakari!

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Salty jeera crackers

Easy and tasty homemade snack for your evenings hunger pangs or after school for kids.


1. 2 cups maida

2. 2 tbsp jeera

3.  2 tbsp hot oil

4. Salt to taste

5. Oil for deep frying


1. Mix maida, jeera seeds and salt in a bowl

2. Add 2 tbsp very hot oil and mix well with a help of spoon

3. Using lukewarm water little at a time, knead into a stiff dough. Set aside for 10-15 mins

4. Divide the dough into equal parts and roll into circle. Keep the thikness approx 2mm

Using cookie cutter cut into small hearts. Prick with fork on each small poori.

5. Deep fry on slow flame till golden brown and crisp

Store in airtight container and enjoy your snacks salty jeera crackers.

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Ground nut curry(ओल्या दाण्यांची उसळ)

This curry or Usal I made as I had a lot of ground nuts even after finishing almost half by boiling it in saltwater ( उकडलेल्या शेंगा) . This Usal goes well with chapati or bhakari and is quite filling. So next time you get raw ground nut, do try this.

1. 1 cup raw ground nut kernel
2. 1 medium onion chopped
3. 2-3 garlic cloves chopped 
4. 2 tbsp finely chopped fresh coriander 
5. Few curry leaves
6. 1/2 tsp rai 
7. 1/2 tsp jeera
8. 1 tbsp red chilli powder 
9. 1/2 tbsp turmeric powder 
10. 1 tbsp garam masala  
11. 3 tbsp oil
12. Pinch of jaggery 
13. Salt to taste 
14. Few drops of lemon juice

1. Pressure cook the ground nut kernel adding some water and little salt for 3 whistles 
2. Discard the excess water 
3. In a pan, heat oil and add rai and jeera. Add curry leaves
4. Add chopped onion and fry till golden brown
5. Add chopped garlic and fry for 1-2 mins
6.Now add all turmeric powder, red chilli powder, garam masala, jaggery and fry for few mins
7. Add cooked ground nut kernel, add salt and lemon juice and mix well
8. Add water and boil Usal for 4-5 mins
9. Add chopped coriander and mix
Serve hot with chapati or bhakari 

Saturday, 25 August 2018

Coriander Ginger Chutney - Shravan special side dish

As some of you would have followed my farming journey on my other blog,, would know I have got a good harvest of greens. And when you have lots of fresh coriander, green chutney is a must!! However I wanted to give this chutney a makeover by avoiding garlic and also to make it suitable for consuming during fasting, so instead I user ginger and what turned is a great taste.

1. Bunch of fresh coriander, such that you get a bowl full leaves after cleaning 
2. 1 inch piece of ginger
3.  2-3 tbsp peanuts
4. 1 tbsp jeera
5. 1/2 tbsp sugar
6. Salt to tatse
7. 1/2 tbsp lemon juice

1. Clean and roughly chop coriander and ginger
2.Roast the peanuts well
3. In mixer jar, add all ingredients except lemon juice and grind to fine paste. Use 1-2 tbsp water if needed
4. Add lemon juice and mix well

Serve the chutney with a full meal or sabudana khichadi

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Shepu chi bhaji or Dill(Suva) sukhi subji

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In my hometown we get shepu/dill/suva usually mixed with spinach and my memories of this strong, flavourful greens is of cooked with spinach. Until I discovered in Bangalore that we get bunches of shepu/dill and decided to give it a try. Dill have quite strong flavour and you need to add something to compliment it and make it milder. I decided to add yellow moong daal to it to make the subji healthier and also to get the bite texture. Around Southern India you will find similar recipe of dill with some variants, though I opted for adding my routine spices. Without much lengthy writeup let's get to the recipe now..

1. 1 bunch of shepu/Dill leaves. As much to make a big bowl full after cleaning and chopping 
2. 1 cup yellow moong daal, soak it in water for around 15 mins
3. 2 dry red chillies 
4. 1/2 tbsp turmeric powder
5. 3 tbsp oil 
6. 1/2 tbsp rai 
7. 1 tbsp lemon juice
8. Salt to taste

1. Clean and finely chop dill leaves
2. Discard excess water from soaked moong daal
3. Heat oil in a pan and add rai. Once it crackles add red chilli and fry it
4. Add turmeric powder
5. Next add the soaked moong daal and mix
6. Now add chopped dill leaves and mix well. Cover and cook, stirring occasionally. If too dry sprinkle little water. It will take 5-6 minutes
7. As the moong daal turns soft, add salt and lemon juice and mix well and 
turn off flame.

Shepu/dill/suva subji is ready to serve. Serve with hot phulka or chapati.

Sunday, 29 July 2018

Tender coconut ice cream

Well the weather is not so hot in Bangalore anymore with rains being around almost throughout the week. But what you do when you have ample of tender coconut ?? Yes so I finally got a chance to make this very favourite ice cream of mine!! And the recipe is extremely easy, so next time you drink that coconut water, don't forget to get that malai/tender coconut home and try this satisfying ice cream!

1. 1 cup tender coconut pieces( use the thick malai, usually in a bigger sized coconut)
2. 1 cup condensed milk
3. 3/4 to 1 cup milk ( preferably full cream)

That's all!!

1. In a mixer jar add the tender coconut pieces and around 3/4 cup milk and grind it to fine paste
2. Add condensed milk to the coconut mix and pluse the mixer 2-3 times
3. If too thick you can add some more milk to get paste of pouring consistency( not too thick not too runny)
4. Add in ice cream or candy moulds and keep in freezer for setting overnight ( 8-12 hours)

When fully set, hold the mould under running water and gently release the ice cream.

You may also add mixed crushed nuts of your choice. I did  not add any as I prefer the tender coconut taste itself.

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