Sunday, 4 October 2020

Amale ki lunji (आवळा लुंजी) - Sweet and sour Indian Gooseberry Pickle

 Amale ki lunji is easy and interesting way to include this super food in your daily diet. This can be made in less than half and hour and can be easily stored in  refrigerator for 15 days. Have it in your lunch or dinner and it will surely lift the taste of whole meal.


1. 250 gm amla (Indian Gooseberry)

2. 2 tbsp red chilli powder

3. 1 tbsp roasted jeera powder

4. 1/2 cup grated jaggery

5. 1 tsp rai

6. 1 tsp jeera

7. 1 tsp methi seeds

8. 2 tbsp oil

9. 1 tbsp black salt (sanchal)


1. Wash keep amla in pressure cooker container. Do not add water to amla. Only add water in cooker. Cook amla for 2 whistle in pressure cooker.

2. Once pressure escapes, remove amla and gently press around it's lines with a fork to open. Remove all amla seeds. Cut each separated petal into half. Keep aside

3. Heat oil in a pan, add rai, jeera and methi seeds. As they crackle, add the amla pieces and give it a quick stir.

4. Add black salt, red chilli powder, roasted jeera powder and mix well.

5. Add jaggery and few tbsp water if needed and let the lunji cook till jaggery becomes slightly thick

6. Once jaggery becomes slightly thick, off the flame. Don't make it too thick, as after cooling it will become some more thicker. 

7. Once cooled to room temperature, transefer to airtight glass jar. Store in refrigerator. You can have it with phulka, chapati, daal-rice as side dish.

Saturday, 19 September 2020

Mirch ka salan - Green chili curry

 If you are looking for a side dish to change the routine taste of your lunch or dinner, try this tasty  mirch ka salan! If you love spicy food, replace the fat green chillies with spicy hot green chillies. I used the bhajji chilli and even that was spicy! 


1. 4-5 large(bhajji) green chilli

2. 2 tbsp peanuts

3. 2 tbsp coconut powder

4. 1 tbsp sesame seeds

5. 1 tbsp poppy seeds

6. 1 Large onion chopped 

7. Few close of garlic

8. 1 inch piece of Ginger

9. Half tbsp turmeric powder

10. 1tbsp red chili powder

11. 1 tbsp Garam masala 

12. 1 tbsp lemon juice or 1 tbsp tamrind pulp

13. 4 tbsp oil

14. Salt to taste

15. 1  tbsp chopped coriander for garnishing


1. Dry roast peanuts, coconut powder, sesame seed and poppy seeds, one after other in the same pan

2. Cool to room temperature. Add all the roasted peanuts, coconut powder, sesame seeds, poppy seeds and garlic, ginger, turmeric powder, chilli powder, garam Masala and salt in a mixer jar. Grind to fine paste using very little water.

3. Cut each chilli in 3 to 4 pieces and give it a slit. Remove seeds from inside.

4. Heat 1 tbsp oil in a pan and add cut Chilli pieces. Fry it it till slightly soft. Remove from oil and keep aside.

5. Now add remaining oil and add chopped onion. Fry it till translucent.

6. Add the prepared masala paste and for few minutes. Add 1/2 cup water to adjust the consistency. Add the cooked Chili pieces and mix well. Let the salan cook for few more minutes.

7. Add lemon juice or tamrind pulp. When the salan starts living oil from all sides, off the flame.  Garnish with choped coriander. 

Serve hot and spicy mirch ka salan with paratha or daal-rice.

Saturday, 15 August 2020

Cabbage and Sattu balls

 Very easy and quick recipe with healthy ingredients. You can have it for snacks or as starter. These are made in appe pan with very less oil. Alternatively you can also deep fry it.


1. 1 small piece of cabbage 

2. 2 cup sattu flour 

3. 2 tbsp corn flour or besan

4. 1 inch piece of ginger

5. 1 green chilli 

6. 2 tbsp freshly chopped coriander 

7. 1 tbsp red chili powder 

8. Salt to taste 

9. Pinch of sugar 

10. 1/2 tbsp aamchur powder or lemon juice 

11. Oil for shallow frying 


1. If you have food processor, use chopping attachment and add cabbage, ginger and green chilli and run it on pulse till the cabbage is finely chopped.

Alternatively you can grate the cabbage using grater and make fine paste of ginger and green chilli and add to the cabbage 

2. Transfer the cabbage mix to a bowl. Add sattu, corn flour or besan, red chili powder, salt, sugar, aamchur powder/lemon juice and gently mix together. If you find the mixture too moist, add more sattu & accordingly adjust salt and other masala

3. Roll the mixture into small balls

4. Heat appe pan, add oil in each section and place one ball in each. Cover for 1-2 minutes and cook on medium flame. Now turn each ball and add some more oil and let it cook on other side too. Remove when golden brown on all sides.

Serve hot with tomato sauce or chutney of choice.

Sunday, 26 July 2020

Sweet and sour Amla Chutney

There is a lot written and said about importance of Amla or Indian gooseberry. And when you are looking for options to get the much needed vitamin C in your daily food, what best can be there than amla. 
Today I am sharing a quick Amla chutney  that can be easily stored for couple of weeks in refrigerator and tastes great with paratha, daal-rice or phulka.
So let's make it!

1. Around 200 g of Amla
2. 1 cup grated jaggery 
3. 1 tbsp red chili powder
4. 1/2 tbsp jeera
5. Salt to taste 

1. Wash and place the amla in a vessel. Add water to pressure cooker and keep the amla vessel in the cooker. Do not add water to amal directly. Cook the amla for 2 whistles 
2. After the pressure escapes, remove the amla seeds by gently pressing it with fork. Cool the amla completely 

3. Now add red chili, salt, jaggery, jeera and cooked amla to mixer jar and grind to smooth paste 
Our alma chutney is ready!

Store it in a glass jar or steel container in refrigerator. Enjoy with any meals!

Sunday, 28 June 2020

Masala Corn Sticks

1. 1 cup maze flour 
2. 2 tbsp maida
3. 1 tbsp red chili powder 
4. 1 tsp jeera
5. Salt to taste
6. Oil for frying 
7. For masala mix: 1 tsp red chili powder, 1/2 tbsp pepper powder, 1/2 tbsp aamcur powder, pink salt

1. Mix maze flour, maida, salt, red chili powder, jeera and 1 tsp hot oil together. Add little water at time and make soft dough.
Maze flour is not very fine, so you dough will be somewhat crumbly, but that is fine. Use water as needed to keep it moist 
2. Heat oil in kadhai 
3. Roll long cylindrical strips of the dough and cut them in small pieces.
4. Fry in hot oil on medium flame till crisp. Drain on absorbent paper. Repeat for all the sticks
5. Add the masala mix together and sprinkle in on the sticks when the sticks are slightly warm. Toss together well.

Crispy masala corn sticks are ready. Enjoy it with hot tea or coffee.

Friday, 19 June 2020

Savoury Vegetable Muffins

Tasty savoury muffins have it for breakfast or as tea time snacks. Very easy to make or I say bake!!!

1. 2 Cup fine rava( 0 number rava or chiroti rava, I learned these names recently 😊)
2. 1/2 cup whole wheat flour 
3. Atleast any 3 of these vegetables (you can experiment with different veggies)
2 tbsp finely chopped carrot
2 tbsp green peas
2 tbsp finely chopped cabbage 
2 tbsp finely chopped French beans
2 tbsp sweet corn
2 tbsp finely chopped capsicum 
4. 1 tbsp finely chopped garlic
5. 1 tbsp salted butter 
6. 2 tbsp red chilli powder 
7.  1 tbsp turmeric powder (optional)
8. Salt per taste 
9. 2 tbsp sour curd
10. 1 tbsp oil
11. 1/4 th tbsp cooking soda or eno

1. Mix all ingredients except butter, garlic and eno in one large bowl 
2. Slowly add water and mix together to form batter of cake consistency 
3. Covers and rest the batter for 15 minutes 
4. Add soda/eno and mix gently 
5. Grease muffin tray with oil and dust it with some wheat flour, add spoonful of batter in each part
6. Melt the butter and add finely chopped garlic to it and keep aside 
7. Preheat oven for 10 minutes at 180° and bake muffins at 180° for 7-8 minutes 
8. Take out muffins and apply butter-garlic mix all over it
9. Bake for another 5 minutes. Check by inserting a toothpick. If it sticks to toothpick, you can cook for another 3-4 minutes and check again.
Serve yummy hot savory muffins with tomato ketchup!

Friday, 5 June 2020

Tamrind kadhi ( चिंचेची कढी)

Kadhi is one satisfying side dish that can lift your moods almost immediately and also soothes your digestive system. Kadhi is made with buttermilk mostly and each region has it's variations of making kadhi taste unique.

1. 1/4 cup tbsp tamrind soaked in a cup of lukewarm water for 10-15 minutes 
2. 3 tbsp besan
3. 2 tbsp grated jaggery
4. Few curry leaves 
5. 1/2 tsp rai 
6. 1/2 tsp jeera 
7. 1/2 tsp  methi Dana
8. 1/2 tbsp turmeric powder 
9. 1 tbsp red chili powder 
10. Sallt to taste 
11. 2 tbsp oil

1. Make tamrind pulp with soaked tamrind in same water. Discard the solid pieces of tamrind after removing all pulp
2. Add the besan to this tamrind water and mix well so that no lumps are left
3. Add salt, red chilli powder and mix well and keep aside 
4. Heat oil in pan, add rai, jeera and curry leaves. Add methi dana and let it fry well
5. Add turmeric powder and give it a quick stir 
6. Add tamrind and besan mix to this. Add another 1/2 to 3/4th cup water to adjust consistency to that of kadhi.
7. Add grated jaggery and mix well
8. Bring to boil

Serve hot with rice or khichadi.

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