Bharwa laal marcha/ Laal mirch ka bharwa achar/ Red chilli pickle


This is my favorite whenever I get my hands on fresh red chillies. It also needs minimal oil & tastes very unique than regular pickles. It does not also require too many ingredients so that is again a plus. Well overall my attempt on Kitchenkatta is that you get to recipe directly than many other food blogs that write pages before you actually get to recipe ( and new trend is they give you one hidden button jump to recipe)

Anyway so let's get to recipe directly 


1. Around 200gms of fresh big red chilies 

2. 2 tbsp methi seeds

3. 2 tbsp big rai

4. 4 tbsp saunf

5. 1 tbsp jeera

6. 2 medium sized lemons juiced

7. Salt around 3 tbsp

8. 1 tbsp turmeric powder 

9. 1/2 tsp hing

10. 1 cup oil


1. In mixer jar, take methi seeds, rai, saunf, jeera & grind it power. Don't make it very fine

2. In a bowl mix this powder, salt, turmeric, hing together 

3. Add half cup oil and mix well. Keep half cup oil for using later

4. Add lemon juice & mix well. Our masala is ready. Keep it aside

5. Wash & clean the red chilies. Remove stems & deseed it. Cut into small pieces or keep them whole for stuffing

6. Stuff the masala well inside each chilli piece 

7. Transfer the stuffed chilies into airtight container or bottle. For one night cover is gently 

8. Heat the remaining half cup oil & let it cool to room temperature. Next day add this oil to the pickle jar

9. Cover loosely or with cotton cloth for 3-4 days  till the chilies soften & pickle starts releasing it's taste 

After this you can store the pickle in fridge for longer shelf life 

Enjoy bharwa laal marcha with phulka or daal rice.

Kitchen Gyan: I like to cut the red chilies into 2-3 pieces if they are too long. This way those who want to eat small piece of pickle, can take easily. You can keep them full too.