Coconut, Malai and Gulkand Modak with bonus instant Gulkand recipe

 Simple, delicious, easy treat for Ganpati bappa Prasad.


1. 1&half cup desiccated coconut powder 

2. 1/2 cup fresh malai

3. 1/4th cup gulkand (see below for instant gulkand recipe)

4. 1/4th cup powdered sugar


1. Put the malai in heavy bottom pan and heat it on low flame stirring continuously. We want to reduce the malai to thick residue. 

2. If the malai leaves lot of ghee, turn off flame and remove the ghee completely by pressing with spoon. You can normally use this ghee in any recipe or on rice.

3. While the malai residue( white beri) is still hot add desiccated coconut powder and mix well. Keep flame off from here onwards

4. Add gulkand and mix well

5. Finally add powdered sugar. You can adjust quantity based on required sweetness

6. Form in Modak shape using mold or with hands. If the mix is very dry to mold in modak, add few spoons of ghee from the one removed while reducing the malai

Serve your yummy modak to Bappa!!

The modak will last outside fridge for 2 days. Post that you can store in fridge.

How to make instant gulkand:

Gulkand tastes best when made with desi pink rose, but you can make it with desi red rose also or with any fragrant rose that you have.

Never use bought roses for gulkand as they are cultivated for pooja, decorative usage etc & are not suitable for consuming.


Take 5-6 fresh home grown big sized red rose petals & clean them. Remove center part. Wash and pat dry the petals.

Mix the petals well with around 1/2 cup sugar. In heavy bottom pan start cooking this rose petals & sugar mix till the sugar syrup thickens to 2 string consistency.

Transfer the gulkand in clean, dry glass jar. Store this gulkand in fridge to last long. 


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