Beetroot Kebab

 This beetroot kebab quick and tasty snack/ starter made with healthy beetroot. Without much a due let's get to the recipe quickly 


1. 2 medium sized beetroot 

2. 2 medium sized potatoes 

3. 1 green chilli 

4. 1 inch piece of ginger 

5. 1 tbsp red chilli powder 

6. 1 tbsp coriander powder 

7. 2 tbsp roasted barik rava( chiroti rava) or read crumbs

8. 1 tbsp lemon juice 

9. Salt to taste 

10. Few pieces of cashew for garnishing 

11. Oil to shallow fry


1. Pressure cook beetroot for 4-5 whistles till they are soft & let it cook

2. Pressure cook potatoes for 3-4 whistles & let that cool too

You can do this as pre-prep a night before too

3. Peel cooked beetroot & potatoes and grate using thin grater. I find grating beetroot always easy than mashing it directly 

4. Grind chili & ginger to fine paste & add to grated beetroot & potatoes mix

5. Add salt, lemon juice, chili powder, coriander powder to the mix

6. Gentaly mix all together. If you find moisture is more, you can add 2 tbsp corn floor to adjust consistency 

7. Roll into small tikkis. Now comes the hack, instead of breadcrumbs you can roll it in roasted chiroti rava to give the crunch. Or if you have breadcrumbs, you can use that too

8. Garnish each kebab with piece of cashew & shallow fry on both sides till golden brown

Enjoy the beetroot kebab with green chutney or tomatoe ketchup.


  1. Tasty recipe. I like this site, no long post, to the point recipes! Thank you


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