#Immunity4Growth- The Horlicks Immunity Indiblogger Meet - An enriching experience!!!

Well what a special Mother's Day I had this time!! 
After a very tiring week at office, I was so much looking forward for this Sunday of 8th May. And sometime in the week I saw this mail about #Immunity4Growth Indiblogger meet.
And I must agree I am very happy I made this decision to be there at Vivanta by Taj to witness one of very special blogger meet.

Many of my fellow blogger already have written about the experience and all the detailing about the proceedings. So I am going to stick this post to the takeaways from the #Immunity4Growth proceeding and what we all and specially the marvelous Mommies can do to provide better future for our children..

The meet started with a very insightful session by Jill Castle, registered dietitian/nutritionist (RDN) and childhood nutrition expert who also writes at http://jillcastle.com/

Jil talked about importance of Nutrition, Immunity  and its effects on the overall growth of children. I was impressed the way she had studied the Indian (mal)nutrition scenario and explained how the whole society and specially Mothers can help to full fill nutrition requirements of children through Dietary Diversification, adding fortified cereals and beverages to children's food intake.

Here is an interesting slide from Jil's presentation which pretty much summaries general tips for combating nutrition deficiency.

After Jil's session, Mr. Amaan Khan from Horlicks India and Dr. Hegde shared eye opening numbers from various surveys with respect to India and Bengaluru. 
(have a look at below picture of survey copy shared by Horlicks India team)

Though the numbers in terms of micro nutrients deficiency are alarming in Indian situation, I strongly believe together we can fight this epidemic and make the future brighter for our Smarter champs!!

After all that was the strong message shown in AV clip  " Khali Khali Hathon Se Kitana De Jaati Hai Maa" https://youtu.be/PGOlcuCPiLU
which left me moist eyes as I could remember my whole past with my Mom supporting 
me through my each decision to study, and always standing by my side come whatever may!!

Well well..I said I will stick to the takeaways of the session..I have to mention this special one..I made very special not just one-two but three lifelong friends
The #Indiblogger meet became more special and enjoyable for me because of these 3 wonderful ladies I met, 
Sunita who blogs at https://adsunsri.wordpress.com, Kokila who blogs at www.sunshineandblueclouds.blogspot.com and Rashmi who you can find at www.rashminotes.wordpress.com.

And the topping of all fun came along with the very interesting quiz session which was partly won by the tremendous team work of the 4 enthusiastic ladies of table 10!!! :) 
(Most of you who were present there will agree, we deserved it right!!!)
(And those of you don't, then, just keep the secret with you :D)

So here is my takeaway list from the #Immunity4Growth The Horlicks Immunity Indiblogger Meet:
1. Micro nutrients are very important for your child's overall physical and mental health
2. There are easy ways to full fill the requirements of micro nutrients on daily basis
3. A handy app to track the nutrition in your kids food and obviously take corrective actions http://nutrimeter.horlicks.in/
4. Fast food, ready to eat..no no...Indian food a Big Yes!!
5. Some quick ways to make the food more nutrition rich (this list is compilation of some tips shared by Jil and some from my daily routines in kitchen which are seen to be effective): 
  • Mix millet flours, ragi flours, pulses like chana daal, moong daal flours and Soyabean flours to Wheat flour to make capati, pulka
  • Use more than one variety of grains and make sure your weekly menu includes them all
  • Mix white and brown rice if only brown rice makes you lose your appetite
  • While making Khichadi try betwen various combinations of Daals, white/brown rice, barley, broken wheat (you can find recipes of Barley Khichadi, Daliya Khichadi here)
  • Make sure you provide balance meal to your kids everyday including dairy products, proteins, grains and fruits
  • Use veggies in innovative ways by adding the purees to various parathas, thepala and poories (check out Beetroot poori, Redpumpkin Poori, Laalmaath Parahtha, Palak Paratha and many more recipes in history links)
  • Eat as much local grown and fresh foods
  • Include fortified beverages (like Horlicks) in your children's routine
  • And finally, be persistent in your endeavor!!

Pretty much summed up my experience at #Immunity4Growth meet... 
Till I come soon with an exciting new recipe..Keep reading!!


  1. A great takeaway was meeting up with wonderful people like yourself and striking an instant chord...all this happened thanks to IB meet..and yes your mouth watering recipes are really a hit..so I am going to linger here for a while...

    1. Thanks Sunita, pleasure is all mine!
      Keep visiting!!


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