Poita Bhat - super food in your Indain kitchen

Recently this poita bhat has become very famous as it is recommended by health gurus and itaso appeared on famous cooking show.

This dish as a humble origin in India's kitchen where rice has been staple food. Poita Bhat is prepared typically with leftover rice, soaked in water overnight and consumed next day morning. Soak it in a clay pot to multiply the benifits. Add some curds, onion and tadka to it to enhance the taste and have it either first thing in morning or as your breakfast. It light on the stomach, cooling, nutritious and  rich in B12.

Well so let's get started making it!


1. 1/2 cup leftover rice

2. Water to soak it and a clay pot

Next day to prepare the poita bhat:

1. 3 tbsp fresh, homemade  curd

2 pinch of Himalayan pink salt (regular salt is fine too)

3. Some chopped onion 

4. 1tbsp oil

5. One small green chilli, chopped 

6. Some ginger finely chopped

7. Very little mustard seeds


1. Take the leftover rice in clay pot and add enough water to cover the rice

2. Cover the pot and keep it overnight 

3. Next morning, add the curd & salt to the rice pot. Add chopped onion too if using it.( I have not added as during Navratri we do not consume onion & garlic)

4. In other small pan, heat oil, add mustard seeds, as it crackles, add chopped green chilli and ginger.

5. Add the tadka to rice pot 

Enjoy your yummy, healthy poita bhat!!