Raw Mango Chutney (कैरीची चटणी )

 This tangy chutney can be made in just 10 mins and makes a great side with any meal. You can also use this as dip with chips.


1. 2 raw mango ( prefer totapuri mangoes which are naturally not too sour, so as to avoid too much jaggery)

2. 3/4 th cup grated jaggery (adjust as per your preference of sweetness, I prefer this chutney on sweeter side)

3. 1/2 tsp jeera

4. 1 tbsp red chili powder 

5. Salt per taste 

6. Pinch of black slat


1. Peel the raw mangoes and cut in pieces 

2. In a steel pan, add the raw mango pieces and little water to cover the mango pieces. Cover and cook till it turn soft,  transparent and water evaporates,. Cool it completely 

3. Transfer cooked mangoes to mixer jar, add jaggery, jeera, red chili powder, salt & black salt and turn to smooth paste 

Tangy, sweet and sour raw mango chutney is ready. Can be stored in fridge for a week.


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