Cabbage and Sattu balls

 Very easy and quick recipe with healthy ingredients. You can have it for snacks or as starter. These are made in appe pan with very less oil. Alternatively you can also deep fry it.


1. 1 small piece of cabbage 

2. 2 cup sattu flour 

3. 2 tbsp corn flour or besan

4. 1 inch piece of ginger

5. 1 green chilli 

6. 2 tbsp freshly chopped coriander 

7. 1 tbsp red chili powder 

8. Salt to taste 

9. Pinch of sugar 

10. 1/2 tbsp aamchur powder or lemon juice 

11. Oil for shallow frying 


1. If you have food processor, use chopping attachment and add cabbage, ginger and green chilli and run it on pulse till the cabbage is finely chopped.

Alternatively you can grate the cabbage using grater and make fine paste of ginger and green chilli and add to the cabbage 

2. Transfer the cabbage mix to a bowl. Add sattu, corn flour or besan, red chili powder, salt, sugar, aamchur powder/lemon juice and gently mix together. If you find the mixture too moist, add more sattu & accordingly adjust salt and other masala

3. Roll the mixture into small balls

4. Heat appe pan, add oil in each section and place one ball in each. Cover for 1-2 minutes and cook on medium flame. Now turn each ball and add some more oil and let it cook on other side too. Remove when golden brown on all sides.

Serve hot with tomato sauce or chutney of choice.