Sweet and sour Amla Chutney

There is a lot written and said about importance of Amla or Indian gooseberry. And when you are looking for options to get the much needed vitamin C in your daily food, what best can be there than amla. 
Today I am sharing a quick Amla chutney  that can be easily stored for couple of weeks in refrigerator and tastes great with paratha, daal-rice or phulka.
So let's make it!

1. Around 200 g of Amla
2. 1 cup grated jaggery 
3. 1 tbsp red chili powder
4. 1/2 tbsp jeera
5. Salt to taste 

1. Wash and place the amla in a vessel. Add water to pressure cooker and keep the amla vessel in the cooker. Do not add water to amal directly. Cook the amla for 2 whistles 
2. After the pressure escapes, remove the amla seeds by gently pressing it with fork. Cool the amla completely 

3. Now add red chili, salt, jaggery, jeera and cooked amla to mixer jar and grind to smooth paste 
Our alma chutney is ready!

Store it in a glass jar or steel container in refrigerator. Enjoy with any meals!