Homemade strawberry yogurt

This is super easy and very satisfying presentation. You can enjoy as mid meal snack or as dessert post meal to satisfy your sweet cravings.

1. 2 cup Thick curd, not so sour. Prefer homemade.
2. 2 tbsp powdered sugar. Optional but use it if you want to get the taste as near as store bought yogurt and want kids to have it!
3. 3-4 strawberries

1.  Hang the curd for 5-6 hours in a muslin/thin cotton cloth and then use the thick curd
2. Cut and crush the strawberries using mixture 
3. Add sugar to the strawberries pulp and crush together 
4. Gently mix this strawberries crush with the hung curd
5. Chill for half an hour and enjoy you homemade strawberry yogurt !!

Kitchen Gyan: Use the leftover whey after you make hung curd in kneading chapati dough. It will make chapati soft.