Palak Dhirde/ Ghavan (पालकाचे धीरडे / घावण)

Dhirde or ghavan is traditional Maharashtrian dish which resembles somewhat to dosa. What makes is more preferable is you can make the mix instantly and serve a quick breakfast or meal that is quite filling too. Here I have made a few changes like adding spinach puree, using half wheat flour and half rice flour to make it more healthy and tasty.

1. 1 cup wheat flour 
2. 1 cup rice flour 
3. 1 bowl fresh spinach leaves 
4. 1/2 tbsp green chill paste
5. 2 tbsp sour curds 
6. 1/2 tbsp jeera
7. Salt to taste 
8. Oil for cooking 
9. 1/2 tsp fruit salt

1. Wash the spinach leaves clean and grind it to smooth puree with little water. No need of blanching 
2. In a bowl add, wheat flour, rice flour, green chilli paste, salt, roughly crushed jeera, curds and spinach puree and mix well
3. Add water as needed and make batter of pouring consistency like dosa batter
4. Add fruit salt and add little water over it to activate. Gently mix it with batter 
5. Keep in warm place for 10 minutes 
6. Now heat the nonstick/cast iron tava and spread some oil on it. Spread laddle full of ghavan batter in a circular manner. Let it cook on one side. Drizzle some oil and flip over and cook till it is done
Repeat for all ghavan. After 1-2 ghavan, you can even make them almost without oil.
Serve hot with choice of chutney or ketchup.

Kitchen Gyan: If you plan ahead of time, make the batter the night before and keep it for fermentation overnight without adding fruit salt. Fruit salt is needed for instant fermentation only