Butter Tomato uttapa - Lunch box series recipe 12

Today's post is extra special!! My passion for kitchenkatta blog has reached another heights ..literally!!
I am posting today from above 35000ft!! Yes you read that right ..all thanks to Delta airlines in flight connectivity! And no this is not review or paid post. It's just my true love for kitchenkatta and my belief that if you want to follow your passion you will find opportunity in anything :)
Well so after this long start today's recipe on another dear to heart topic on Lunch box !!
Here it comes Butter Tomato Uttapa with details of making the batter.

How to prepare dosa batter:
To make batter soak 3 cups dosa rice, 1 cup urad daal and 1 tbsp methi seeds for 8-9 hours and grind them together to fine batter. Ferment the batter overnight and use it next day.
Store the leftover batter in fridge.
Same way you can make idly batter as well but use idli rice or any regular rice for it.

1. 2 cups dosa batter

2. 2 medium sized red tomatoes
3. 1/2 tbsp  turmeric powder
4. salt to taste
5. Butter as needed for making uttapa

1. Cut tomatoes and make smooth puree for it. No need to cook tomatoes for this step
2. Add the tomatoes puree to dosa batter and mix evenly
3. Add salt and turmeric powder. The batter will turn sligt Orange in color
4. On a non-stick dosa tava/pan apply butter and make uttapa. These will be thicker than regular dosa. Apply more buetter and cook both sides
These tomato uttapa taste great on its own tough you can serve it with coconut chutney also.