Kothimbir Thecha - Spicy coriander thecha

Winter in one of the best seasons in terms of vegetables we get in India. Lots of leafy greens, green peas, fresh turmeric and fresh vegetables all are available in abundance in market. This weekend I had a bundle of fresh coriander leaves and could not stop using it with free hands in recipes!

Thecha is all time favorite and adding coriander does not just enhance taste but also makes it mild on your tongue and also on your stomach!

1. 1 bowl full of fresh coriander, cleaned and chopped
2. 5-6 green chillies
3. 1/4th cup peanuts
4. 1 tbsp jeera
5. 1/2 tbsp lemon juice(optional)
6. 6-8 garlic cloves
7. Salt to taste

1. Roast green chillies on direct flame, keep aside
2. Roast peanuts in a pan and cool to room temperature
3. In a mixer jar, add fresh chopped coriander, roasted green chillies, roasted peanuts, jeera, garlic cloves, salt and grind it well. You can keep slightly coarse also.
4. Transfer in a bowl and add lemon juice and mix well

Serve with bhakari or pulka. Add oil on thecha when serving, oil helps makes it easy to digest.

If you are also coriander lover like me you may try this kothimbir wadi as well.