Daal Dhemsa- Tinde ki khatti-meethi subji

Tasty and simple Dhemasa/Tinda subji.

1. 250 gm Tender green Dhemsa(Tinda)
2. 1/4 cup chana daal, soaked in water for around 3-4 hours
3. 2 tbsp Tamrind pulp
4. 2 tbsp jaggery
5. 3 tbsp red chilli powder
6. 1 tbsp turmeric powder
7. 1 tsp coriander seeds powder
8. 1/2 tsp rai
9. Pinch of hing
10. Salt per taste
11. Water for cooking

1. Cut the Dhemsa/Tinda into half and then cut stips length wise. Remove and discard the seeds part
2. In a pan heat oil,  and add rai. As it crackles, add hing, turmeric powder and red chilli powder and cooriander seeds powder. Take care not to burn the masalas
3. Quickly add the soaked gram daal and saute for 1-2mins
4. Now add the cut Dhemsa/ tinda and saute another 2-3 mins
5. Add tamrond pulp and jaggery and mix well
6. Add around 1 cup water, cover and cook till Dhemsa/ tinda are soft. Add water as needed strring occassoinally.
You may use pressure cooker also, in that case make the subji directly in cooker, cover and cook for 3 whistels

Server hot with Chapati, pulka or daal-rice.


  1. Hi, Thanks for sharing such a good recipe of Tinde ki Sabzi with me.
    It came out really good and all my family members praised me.
    And being an authentic dish it tastes good and is healthy also, so i used organic masala's to make it more healthy and delicious.
    I used Organic Red Chili Powder,Organic Coriander Powder,Organic Turmeric Powder,Organic Himalayan Pink Salt, Organic Garam Masala in my dish to make our work a lil easy and being more organic.


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