Chatpata Chapati Chips - Leftover chapati crisps

Well this is the simplest recipe I would say..but then there is no compromise on taste..
Quick and Chatpata Chapati Chips are ready in few mins and takes no time to finish..
I am sure you will love to munch on these

2-3 leftover chapati. Fresh also can be used, but make sure they cooled to room temperature .
Oil for frying
Salt, red chilli powder, chat masala to tastes

- Cut each chapati in 8 equal parts
- Heat oil and deep fry till golden brown
- Drain on absorbent paper
- Sprinkle salt, red chilli powder, chat masala & mix well
Chatpata chapati chips are ready 


  1. Looking like samosa :)

    1. Hehe Anjali, guess its too flat to be samosa ;)


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