Fruity custard with strawberry sauce

This valentine's day make this easy dessert for your loved ones. And its so easy anyone can make it. While its low sugar also, it still satisfies your sweet tooth.
You can change the fruits proportions to the ones you like, just avoid citrus fruits like oranges. 


6 Marie Biscuits
1 tbsp custard powder
2 cup milk
5 tbsp sugar
1 banana
8-10 cherries
1/4 cup Tutty Fruity (Dried Papaya)
4-6 medium size strawberries


1. Grind Marie biscuits in mixer to fine powder. Keep it aside

Prepare custard:
1. In a small bowl take custard powder and add few tbsp milk and mix well into smooth paste. Ensure no lumps are left
2. Boil remaining milk with 4 tbsp sugar
3. Now add the custard powder paste and boil till cooked. Keep stirring well
4. Keep aside to cool to room temperature
5. Cut banana and cherries into small pieces and add to custard

Prepare Strawberries sauce:
1. Cut strawberries into small pieces
2. In a small pan add strawberries pieces, 1 tbsp sugar and very little water
3. Cook till strawberries soften and the sauce turns thick. (No need to mash the strawberries pieces completely)

Setting faluda:
1. In a long transparent glass, add a think (2cm) layer of biscuits powder layer at bottom.
2. Now pour the banana-cherries custard layer on on top of it
3. Place a thin layer of tutty-fruity
4. Now again add a thick layer of custard
5. Finally add the strawberry sauce on top
6. Set inside freezer for 1/2 hr and serve cold